From the totally amazing to the seemingly insignificant, we're always finding new reasons to love this city. Here are a few.
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The skyline just south of Montrose Beach.

Enter at your own risk.  
Does anybody know what business this is?  It’s on Clark at the northern end of Andersonville.


We do so love our L.

Abstract views of modern spelling.

I see Janis from the Muppets.

Shirts on Sheffield’s old location

Caution: pedestrians hula-hooping.


Majestic Coal Chute

Found another one in Boystown.  Click through for the first (much smaller) spotting of this animan.  

skyline from Diversey Harbor

The Heart ‘O’ Chicago Motel in Edgewater is decidedly north of the heart of Chicago. We love it anyway.

Slow For Children

Why not?